About MessageTV

MessageTV is a vision to uplift to the media industry with home-grown content. Drama, Film, Lectures, Interviews, Cartoons and women shows that can easily be seen when sitting in a family. MessageTV takes special care in taking forward the Islamic ideology and makes sure that we have a strong focus in keeping in boundries. The entertainment media industry that MessageTV is now part of is full of obscenity, vulgarity and hate, MessageTV tends to change that ball game altogether with its productions. We request our brothers and sisters to help us in acheiving our goals. We would need your financial support and help to reach to our goal.

We plan to take forwad the youth and get teach them the basics of our culture and ideology through film and media. The media is a very powerful medium and our board of veterans have given us the oppurtunity to fully use this power into making a world better place.

Insha Allah we will change how people absorb entertainment to a new level, our sense of content will not only be a source of entertainment to our viewers but will also teach them ethics, justice and truthfulness. Our programming is tailor made to suite audience of all ages and our prime focus is to build a better community where everyone can contribute.

CEO, MessageTV

messageTV is being watched all over the world on Satellite TV. We are covering 40+ countries on Asia Sat, and are also on-air on Jadoo TV box. MessageTV's world headquarters are in Pakistan, from where our team of dedicated professional make sure that every second we air is a peice of pure knowledge or art.

We send this message to all Pakistani's and Muslim's that help us in our cause. Donate graciously to our cause as we cannot do this without your help.


News & Updates

Web site revamped, All digital media platforms revamped 5th August 2017
MessageTV New management takes over 4th August 2017