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Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Al-Qasmi is well educated, highly qualified Scholar of Islam and Mufti of Ottawa-Canada. 


He Graduated from one of the world’s well known Islamic University, Darul Uloom Deoband, India. 


He left the country for thirteen years and traveled seven seas away to acquire Islamic knowledge. He studied under various prominent Scholars, Muhaddis, Mufassir, Shuyukhs and returned to Canada after successfully completing higher education and achieving the degrees of Hafiz, Alim, Mu’addib, Mufassir, and Mufti.


Now he is supervising Al-Qasmi Islamic Institute, Al-Qasmi Darul Ifta and working together with other organizations to serve the Muslim Community of Ottawa/Gatineau - Canada with their concerns and Islamic issues and matters.

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